A first ever, Fountain Institute & IHT working with Ultimate Athlete to bring you Lock Down BJJ.

Sessions will focus on working on confidence, fitness, Brazilian jiu-jitsu and engaging physically and mentally.

A great opportunity to get your children to be more active. These sessions will be for ages 7+.

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Please note the important information below:

1. Clothing:
Comfortable sports wear t-shirt/shorts/tracksuit bottom

2. Work space:
Open space soft flooring

3. Health
May not be suitable for anyone suffering from asthma or any heart conditions. If in doubt always consult a Doctor.

4. Parents permission:
All children must have parents and/or carers permission to use this service. A short registration will be required.

5. Everything taught is by a trained professional, please only practice under supervision of a parent/carer. The sessions are for children aged 7+ of all levels and abilities.