Revisiting The Farewell Sermon

Opportunity for all to attend via an online stream and learn about the Final Sermon of the Prophet (saw). Divided into 3 parts over the course of the final 3 days of Hajj and ending with the prayer on the day of Arafah by Abu Hamid Al-Ghazali.

Tuesday 28th July, 8pm
– The Farewell Sermon: Part 1

Wednesday 29th July, 8pm
– The Farewell Sermon: Part 2

Thursday 30th July, 6pm
– The Farewell Sermon: Part 3
– Imam Ghazzali’s dua on the day of Arafat

This is a FREE event for all to attend, please click on the Register link on the right and you will be provided with a link to access the event at the specified times.

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