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The Command to Call – Dar Al Aminah

A womens only event at Dar Al Aminah has been organised for Tuesday 8th May 2012 at 12.30pm till 2pm. The event titled ‘The Command to Call’ will be held at Dar Al Aminah at 52a Westbourne Rd, Luton. Shaykh Jamal Ud Deen a student of Habib Umar from Tarim ...


Biography Habib Kazim al Saggaf

Al-Habib Kazim Ja‘far Muhammad al-Saqqaf was born in Tarim, Hadramaut in the year 1960. He was taught the Qur’an and other Islamic disciplines by his eminent teachers at the famous school of Qur’anic Literacy and Memorisation Abu Murayyim and the prestigious school of classical learning the Ribat of Tarim. After ...


Imam al-Haddad, Dua and intention for studying

The Messenger, upon him be peace, said, actions are but by intentions and everyone will be rewarded according to what they intend.’ For this reason, one’s intention in studying is very important. Real success in one’s studies will be dependent on one’s intention as the messenger said, ‘everyone will be ...