Lady Ruqayya RA

Lady Ruqayya was born three years after her older sister, Lady Zaynab, when the Messenger of Allah (s) was thirty-three years old. Lady Ruqayya along with her sisters accepted Islam with their mother Lady KhadÏja (upon them all be peace). Lady Ruqayya was born seven years before the proclamation of ...


Lady A’isha RA

All praise is to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, and peace and salutations upon our master Muhammad, his Household and his noble Companions. Lady ʿĀ’isha (upon her be peace) was the youngest of the wives of the Prophet Muhammad s. She was born during the fourth year following the announcement ...


Sheikh Ahmed Zarruq

Profile Sheikh Ahmed Zarruq Sheikh Ahmed Zarruq (1442-1493) was a Shadhili Sheikh and founder of the Zarruqiyye branch of the Shadhili order. He was born on the 7th June 1442 (846 of the Islamic ‘Hijra’ calendar) in a village in the region of Tiliwan, a mountain area of Morocco. his ...


Another Mother of the Believers

The land of Chinguett, more commonly known to the English-speaking world as Mauritania, is renowned for producing great scholars, saints, and erudite women of note. Scholars traveling to Mauritania have observed that “even their women memorize vast amounts of literature.” Mauritanian women have traditionally excelled in poetry, seerah, and genealogy, ...


Biography Habib Kazim al Saggaf

Al-Habib Kazim Ja‘far Muhammad al-Saqqaf was born in Tarim, Hadramaut in the year 1960. He was taught the Qur’an and other Islamic disciplines by his eminent teachers at the famous school of Qur’anic Literacy and Memorisation Abu Murayyim and the prestigious school of classical learning the Ribat of Tarim. After ...