Fundamentals of Hadith and Fiqh

The roots of Islamic law, expound the indications and methods by which the rules of law are deduced from their sources. These indications are found mainly in the Qur’an and Sunnah, which are the principal sources of the Shari’ah.

Learning the rules of deriving legal rulings and the intricacies of this complex science will help you to understand the need for qualified scholarship and how to truly follow the Quran and Sunnah.

Quranic Exegesis

One of the primary objectives of the Fountain Institute is to re-establish a connection between the Quran and each individual soul.

Year 1, students will study Surah Fatiha, and Surah Waqiah of the Quran. The themes of each chapter and their relevance will be taught and the various approaches used by traditional scholars when explaining the Glorious Quran, will also be presented.

Students will learn the basic themes of the Quran and the relationship verses hold to each other. This will lead to a familiarisation with the basic meanings of the chapters selected. Students will develop a realisation of the breadth and meaning the Quran gives and the inimitability it represents.

Prophetic Biography

This subject covers the blessed life and times of the Noble Messenger (Seerah). The course will be based upon ‘Martin Lings, Muhammed’, work with a detailed commentary using innovative teaching methods and resources.  Year 1 will cover the Meccan Period.

Students will learn about the life and times of the Noble Messenger Muhammad saw, an understanding of the Arab world prior to the coming of the Holy Prophet and about the life of the Holy Prophet from birth to demise. Amongst the plethora of Islamic disciplines, no subject is more descriptive and explanatory about the Holy Prophet, than Seerah. Learning about the trials he faced, and the responses he gave; the challenges he overcame and the wisdom and foresight he imparted is at the very core of the ‘Sacred Study’ programme.

Students will develop a deep admiration and appreciation of one of History’s most influential figures. This will include a greater realisation of the sacrifices The Holy Prophet and his companions made. Students will be able to nurture their esteem for the Holy Prophet’s personage and traits and develop a deep awareness of the importance of virtue, against which a human being is measured.

Prophetic Biography (ii)
In Year 2 students will cover the Medinan Period of the Prophetic Biography.