Sacred Study Essentials

The ‘Sacred Study Essentials’ course is centered around the Book of God and the traditions of the Emissary of God. The focus of this programme is to provide individuals of all backgrounds and abilities, an opportunity to acquire a proficient understanding of that which is essential for them to know, in order that they may have an informed inspired relationship with their Lord.

This course aims to fulfill the needs of a diverse community and offers much promise and benefit to those who are able to commit to it. The course will develop the powers of reasoning and judgement of individuals such they have the tools preparing themselves and/or others intellectually for mature life.

Course Subjects:

Purification of the Heart – Revival of the religious sciences
Quranic Reflections – The human being
The Prophet – The Prophetic balance
Theology - Islamic Creed
The Way of Worship - Islamic Jurisprudence

Sacred Study Essentials, Sacred Study PLUS

The Prophet: The Prophetic Balance

This subject covers aspects of the blessed life and times of the Noble Messenger. Students will be able to nurture their esteem for the Holy Prophet’s personage and traits and...
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Sacred Study Essentials, Sacred Study PLUS

Purification of the Heart: Revival of the religious sciences

The subject seeks to address the religious knowledge which have become moribund due to peoples’ concern with status, fame, and comfort instead of true spiritual understanding.  The student can gain...
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Sacred Study Essentials, Sacred Study PLUS

Quranic Reflections: The human being

The Qur’ān is a text that is squarely aimed at man; indeed, it calls itself “guidance for human kind”, and its central aim is to establish a viable social order...
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Sacred Study Essentials

Theology: Islamic Creed

The subject will provide students with opportunity to learn and comprehend the basics of Islamic creed. Areas covered will include the necessary existence of God and things which are conceivable...
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Sacred Study Essentials

The Way of Worship: Islamic Jurisprudence

This is commonly known as Fiqh. A discipline, from which all Islamic practices are learnt, be they personal or inter-personal. To learn a certain amount of this knowledge is obligatory...
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Course Timings:

First term (11 weeks) 12th October 201921st December 2019
Reading week 22nd December 201910th January 2020
Second term (11 weeks) 11th January 202021st March 2020
Reading week 22nd March 20203rd April 2020
Final term (4 weeks)4th April 202025th April 2020

Course Daily Timetable:
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Course Daily plan:

10.00am - 10.50amSession 1
11.00am - 11.50amSession 2
11.50am - 12.10pmBREAK
12.10pm - 1.00pmSession 3
1.10pm - 2.00pmSession 4

Course Fees:

Occupation Full Fee
Sacred Study Essentials£299.00
Married Couple £499.00

Course Venue:

The Sacred Study Essentials course will be held at the Bedfordshire University in Luton.

University of Bedfordshire
Park Square

Room A409

Students can park at Vicarage Street car park which is near the side of the University, as highlighted in the map above. The cost for the Carpark is £2.20 for the whole day.

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