Sacred Study PLUS

“The vision for the Sacred Study PLUS course, is to offer a contemporary yet traditional learning experience. That is sourced in Islam’s great heritage of knowledge. A heritage proven to have related to diverse segments of society be that Muslim or non Muslim. In  the challenge of sacred learning, the individual embarks on a journey to refine and develop their impetuous state  to  a spiritual focused, high-minded, principled one; a person committed to his self and societal benefit through the good they can offer.”

Course Subjects:

Module 1: Guidance: The Prophet the Teacher
Module 2: History: The redrawing of the Middle East
Module 3: Health: Mind Body Soul
Module 4: Purification of the Heart: Revival of the religious sciences
Module 5: Quranic Reflections: The human being
Module 6: The Prophet: The Prophetic Balance

Course Timings:

First term (12 weeks) 3rd October 202019th December 2020
Reading week 20th December 20208th January 2021
Second term (12 weeks) 9th January 202127th March 2021
Reading week 28th March 20219th April 2021
Final term (4 weeks)10th April 20211st May 2021

Course Daily Timetable:
Detailed timetable will be provided near to the time.

Course Daily Plan:

9.00am - 9.50amSession 1
10.00am - 10.50amSession 2
11.00am - 11.50amSession 3

Course Venue:

The Sacred Study PLUS course will be held at the Bedfordshire University in Luton.

University of Bedfordshire
Park Square

Room A409

Students can park at Vicarage Street car park which is near the side of the University, as highlighted in the map above. The cost for the Carpark is £2.20 for the whole day.


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