Purification of the Heart – Revival of the religious sciences
Quranic Reflections – The human being
The Prophet – The Prophetic balance
Theology - Islamic Creed
The Way of Worship - Islamic Jurisprudence

Sacred Study Essentials

The Way of Worship

Islamic Jurisprudence:
This is commonly known as Fiqh. A discipline, from which all Islamic practices are learnt, be they personal or inter-personal. To learn a certain amount of this knowledge is obligatory upon all adult, sane, Muslims. A Muslim is required to know the legal rulings of any religious action they undertake. The text which will be studied is based upon classical works, with a focus on contemporary issues.


Islamic Creed:

The subject will provide students with opportunity to learn and comprehend the basics of Islamic creed. Areas covered will include the necessary existence of God and things which are conceivable and inconceivable in relation to Him. Students will deepen their perspectives on the oneness of God, and the influence it can have upon an individual’s world view, as well as the understanding of man’s contingent nature, and our reliance upon God.

The Prophet

The Prophetic Balance:

This subject covers aspects of the blessed life and times of the Noble Messenger. Students will be able to nurture their esteem for the Holy Prophet’s personage and traits and develop a deep awareness of the importance of virtue, against which a human being is measured. The focus this year will be on the prophetic responses to the varied circumstances he faced in his blessed life, and how those examples can be taken and applied to our current settings.

Quranic Reflections

The human being:

The Qur’ān is a text that is squarely aimed at man; indeed, it calls itself “guidance for human kind”, and its central aim is to establish a viable social order on earth that will be just and ethically based. The subject will explore the verses that mention the creation of the human and his purpose, the archetypal definitions given by God on the human state, as well as exploring the relationship between us and God.

Purification of the Heart

Revival of the religious sciences:

The subject seeks to address the religious knowledge which have become moribund due to peoples’ concern with status, fame, and comfort instead of true spiritual understanding.  The student can gain a better understanding and appreciation of what it is that makes firm our relationship to Allah Most High and His Chosen Prophet, blessings and peace be upon him, and how to manifest that relationship to everyday life and thereby make our way to the Hereafter brighter and blessed with ease and grace.

Sacred Study PLUS


The Prophet the Teacher:

This subject will explore selective hadith collections that demonstrate the teachings and methods derived from the statements and model of the Prophet Muhammad, God’s peace be upon him. It is a duty and a responsibility of Muslim educators to study these essential principles and explore how they may be translated into methodologies that apply in today’s world.


The redrawing of the Middle East:

The Sykes-Picot Agreement was one of the defining moments in the history of the modern Middle East. In this course, we will examine the reasons which helped formulate many of the policies in the Middle East that are responsible for much of the instability that has affected the region ever since.


Mind Body Soul:

This subject matter will cover the sacred edits related to physical health and the importance of why maintaining physical health should also be an important goal for every Muslim as it confers numerous emotional, psychological and most importantly spiritual benefits. Islam’s perception of good diet and recreation to attain a physical and psychological wellbeing can be deemed as a vehicle to attaining spiritual and moral fitness.

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