Dear Beloved Son – Ayyuhal Walad

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Dear Beloved Son – Ayyuhal Walad

This text captures the Imam’s personal advice to a senior student, a scholar in his own right, who asks for brief guidance in what will ultimately benefit them in the next life. The goal of the course is to find out what pieces of knowledge will benefit one most in the next life, and what one really needs to know and practice.

The course answers many questions that people have today, it gives reminders on the reasons why one should seek knowledge, it helps us live right here and now, and choose what is most beneficial for ourselves of the things we can spend our time doing and pursuing.

1 review for Dear Beloved Son – Ayyuhal Walad

  1. Fountain Institute

    Amazing course and an amazing teacher, really looking forward to this course and sitting with Shaykh Samir An Nass.

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