Theology – Belief in God in an Age of Doubt


Students will learn how scholarly Islam uses both rational arguments as well as spiritual insight to understand God’s existence, our existence, and creation intelligibly.

The course draws on works that came to inform Islam’s traditional pedagogy and represent its’ normative expression. These works are cited below for reference followed
by brief biography authors:

  • al-Bajuri, Ibrahim b. Mubammad. Tuhfat al-murid ‘ala jawharat al-tawhīd, Edited by ‘Abd al-Salam Shannar. Damascus: Maktabat Dār al-Bayruti, 2002.
  • Yusuf, Hamza, trans. The Creed of Imam al-Ṭāhawi [Al-‘Aqidah alTahāwiyyah]. Hayward, CA: Zaytuna Institute, 2007.


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