Futuwwa – The way of Spiritual Chivlary

Every condition and every moment demands an aspect of Futuwwah. There is no state or time without this demand. There is a Futuwwah fit for your behaviour towards God, another towards the Prophet, and others toward his companions; yet others towards the pure ones of the past, your sheikh, your brethren, and the two angels on your shoulders who keep the accounting of your deeds. (Imam al-Sulami)

Ramadan is a month to face our ego-self, weed out bad character traits, and replace them with their countering virtue. This Ramadan, join us in in exploring how we can counter selfishness by adopting a cardinal virtue of Islam: spiritual chivalry (futuwwah), or preferring others to one’s self.

In this course, we will explore the definition of chivalry and its qualities: service to others; generosity of heart and hand; loyalty and friendship; and personal honour. By reading a thousand-year old classic book on the topic, and reflecting on the knowledge and stories it contains, students will walk away with a clear understanding of the sunnah of ‘selflessness’ and how to operationalise this in our lives.

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