Sadaqa, earn continuous reward by donating today

By donating to us you will be able to fulfil the requirements of giving charity and facilitating beneficial knowledge for others.

Funding is required in 3 distinct areas:

1.) The Scholar and Student Fund.

2.) The Community Fund.

3.) The Sacred Study Fund.

1.) The Scholar and Student Fund:

Over the years, the Institute has provided about £20,000 in financial assistance to scholars, and students of knowledge, who chose to further their studies. Your contributions will help us sustain these investments and increase our funding capacity.

To date we have funded 3 teachers enabling their investment in studies, further increasing their skill sets to provide more diverse curriculum of education for our communities.

The Fountain Institute is currently investing in a further 3 students who are studying abroad. The funding is provided through a bursary scheme. The bursary is provided to individuals selected for their knowledge and aptitude in this deen. The intention is God willing; the students will reinvest in the community that gave to them. Sowing the seeds today for tomorrows future.

2.) The Community Fund:

We want to continue to provide free events and short courses throughout the year for the local community and surrounding areas. These events are put together by a team of volunteers and delivered by teachers with sound traditional knowledge.

– The Futuwwa event & the Being Mindful of God event, funded by the institute was held free for all to attend online and was taught by Shaykh Talal Al Azem

– Regular events with other teachers and Scholars from abroad are also held at no cost to the public.

The institute would like to increase the courses that are currently provided for the community at no cost, this funding will greatly help towards this initiative.

3.) The Sacred Study Fund:

Sacred Study is a fee-paying term time deen intensive course, which has been successfully running with the grace of God for over a decade. The fees cover the usual running costs of a course of this scale. However, they also provide scope for some free admissions and financial support to students in need at a subsided rate where applicable.

The Sacred Study initiative with Gods blessings has delivered traditional knowledge to over 700 people who have completed a minimum of 3 years. 15 of our students have gone on to complete their studies abroad and are now actively teaching and setting up institutes to serve the community.

The Institute would like to maintain their support for students of knowledge that cannot afford the fees, and God willing increase the capacity in this area. With your help we hope never to turn away those that cannot afford the fees.

“Give charity without delay, for it stands in the way of calamity. – Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) Tirmidhi

Please find it in your hearts to donate generously. We are a 100% non-profit organisation run by a team of volunteers. Your money would really make a difference.

Make a one-off donation or continue your sadaqah however small on a monthly basis, click on the Just Donate link, you can also pay directly into our account on the details provided below.

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