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In association with Dar Al Aminah

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Friday 15th September 2023, 7pm – 10pm

Clarity Amidst Confusion
Session 1: ‘Abu Hanifa and the Hanafi tradition’ &
Session 2: ‘The need for female Jurists’

161 Bury Park Community centre

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t: 07961 919581

Dr Salah Abul-Hajj

Dr Salah Abul Hajj was born in Amman, Jordan, in the year 1974. He completed his early education in Jordan, where he studied with local teachers and finished his secondary education. He then continued his studies by enrolling at the College of Daʿwa & Usul al-Din at al-Balqa Applied University gaining his bachelor’s degree in 1997. His thirst for knowledge continued and he decided to travel to Baghdad, Iraq, where he enrolled at the University of Saddam for Islamic Sciences. Here, he attained a master’s degree in Islamic Law in 1999 during which he wrote a detailed thesis on Imam al-Laknawi and his methodology in Fiqh which gained wide acclaim and was later published. At the same university in 2002, he completed his PhD in which he researched and verified a manuscript of Sharh al-Wiqaya, an important and monumental work in the Hanafi school....Read More

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