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Ghusal & Burial

Sayyiduna Mu’aawiyah ibn Khadeej (Radhiyallahu Anhu) narrates that the Prophet (Sallallahu Alayhi wa Sallam) said, “Whoever washes a deceased person, shrouds him, follows him (to Janaazah) and helps in burying the corpse, he returns forgiven.” (Ahmad 27258)

Course Details

When a loved one passes away we are often called upon to assist with the funeral rites. However without studying, how will we know if we are performing them correctly? What is the Sunnah method? What is best for the deceased? These and many other important questions will be answered during this short course Insh-Allah.

Based on Hanafi madhab

Session 1: 19th December 2021

Performing the Ghusl

  • The Fard actions
  • The Sunan of Ghusl
  • Related issues
  • Demonstration

The shroud

  • The minimum acceptable
  • The Sunan shroud
  • Related issues
  • Demonstration

Session 2: 9th January 2022,

The Janazah prayer

  • Who should lead?
  • The Fard
  • The Sunan
  • Related issues


  • The preferred method
  • Local authority restrictions
  • Sunday


  • Date

    19th December 2021 & 9th January 2021

  • Duration

    1.5 Hours 2 days

  • Location

    University of Luton,
    Room A406
    Park Street, LU1 3EP

  • Teacher

    Shaykh Noorudeen Rashid

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