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Ha Meem Foundation

History of Islam & the West 2023

New Course Starting 6th September 2023 by HA Meem Foundation

Course Description

The Civilisations History Initiative is based on presenting the intertwined history of the Islamicate and Western civilisations, from their inception in the Early Middle Ages up to the present time.

We aim to highlight the rich heritage that links both great civilisations throughout their history, as well as to debunk many of the myths and misconceptions that have arisen over the centuries, and to provide an alternative to the prevailing Eurocentric telling of history.

The popular Civilisations History Course – A Story of Two Civilisations – has run in Hounslow (2016-17), High Wycombe (2017-18), and Woking (2018-19). Read past student testimonials.

Start date: Weds 6 September 2023

Length: 26 lessons, every Weds 7.30 – 9.30 pm  (breaks during school holidays & Ramadan)

Venue: Live ONLINE

Fees: Pay What You Want (normal fee £220)

Shaykh Dr Ridhwan ibn Saleem

Senior Lecturer at LCI. Guest lecturers include Shaykh Dr Talal al-Azem (Cambridge Muslim College/Oxford University) and Shaykh Jawad Khalid.

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