If you’re a Muslim in need of support, Zakat given through Fountain Institute may be able to help.

Apply for Zakat

Apply for Zakat

The intention is for Fountain Institute to spend the Zakat collected on those that are eligible in the home town, Luton. We aim to provide grants for basic costs to vulnerable Muslims who are unable to pay for basic living costs – like food, travel, clothing and monthly bills etc. The amount we can offer you will depend on your family size and any debts you may have.

Please complete the form below, once completed email to us the required documents as stipulated so we can confirm your eligibility. Supply the required documents by email to info@fountaininstitute.co.uk  

Application Form:

Important Information

Get help with basic living costs – To apply, you must be a Muslim living in Luton and be entitled to receive Zakat. To confirm that you can get help, we will look at how much money you have, your monthly income and expenses.

How will the help be given? – If you have a bank account, we will put the money into your account.

How long will it take to get help? – Once the application has been completed, we will review the application with the documnets provided and within 48hours we will give you a decision on your application.

What happens once I have applied? – Once you have sent us your application, to make sure that you have given us all the information and documents we need to look at your application and that you are eligible to apply for help. We will look at how much money you have, your monthly income and expenses to confirm that we can help you.

What documents will I need to give? – To apply for help with Basic Costs, you will need to give us the following documents:

1.) Photo ID  for you, your wife/husband and children under 18. We accept one of the following identification documents:
– Passport
– Full UK Photocard Driving License

2.) Proof of address – We accept the following documents to verify your address:
– Full UK Photocard Driving License
– Utility bill (gas, electric, satellite television, landline phone bill) for last three months
– UK Bank Statement dated in the last 3 months
– Letter from solicitor stating your full address/location dated in the last 3 months
– Council or housing association rent card for the current year

3.) Bank statements – We will need 3 full months of bank statements for all your bank accounts. For example, if you send us your application on 2nd December, you will need to give us bank statements for September, October, and November.

Universal Credit – If you receive Universal Credit you will be asked to provide your most recent statement.