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Being Mindful of God

The Quran informs us that the key to God’s friendship is mindfulness of Him. Well-being in this life and in the next depends upon safeguarding ourselves against those things that are spiritually harmful. This is what the Qur’an calls taqwa.

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Over 30 lessons, this course will explore how to increase such mindfulness of God in our own daily lives. We will learn the meanings of taqwa, and how to operationalise it by being mindful of all of those matters which God and His Messenger (God bless him and grant him peace) have warned us to protect our souls against. This includes actions of the heart, of the mind, and of the limbs. The course shall also treat those matters which people often think are part of taqwa, but in fact are merely neurotic misgivings (waswasa) or, worse, unwarranted innovations (bid‘a).

The path of God is wide and expansive, accepting people from all walks of life. The purpose of this course is to help students learn how best to remain upon the wide expanse of God’s grace; and, when faced with new opportunities or challenges in life, to know how to practice the art of taqwa.

In our day, which is characterized by a great misunderstanding of Islam, this work outlines the ideal of an Islamic society at the time of the Prophet Muhammad.

Imam Birgivi was a 16th century Sufi scholar whose influence on Islamic morals and ethics continues to this day. This book is still being used as a text in many of the most important faculties of theology and in universities of many Muslim countries. In our day, which is characterised by a great misunderstanding of Islam, this outline of the ideal Islamic society as it was at the time of the Prophet Muhammad is especially pertinent. Through recourse to traditional sources, Imam Birgivi portrays the beauty and depth of the prophet’s character and in so doing he provides an example for all Muslims. Because these virtues are of universal importance and pertain to man as such, this book offers a path of wisdom for all believers of all faiths.

Shaykh Talal Al Azim

Dr Talal Al-Azem is lecturer in Islam, and is the Mohammed Noah Fellow of the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies, where he also serves as Fellow Librarian. He obtained his BA in history and Near Eastern studies from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and his MSt and DPhil from the University of Oxford, Faculty of Oriental Studies in 2011. He was lecturer in Islamic history at the Faculty of Oriental Studies frp, 2011–14, was awarded a Junior Research Fellowship at Pembroke College, Oxford in 2012, and was a research officer on the ERC-funded IMPAcT (Islamic philosophy and theology) project from 2014-15. His research focuses on social and intellectual history of the Muslim world, with particular attention to institutions of law and learning in the medieval and early modern Near East. 

Course Recordings & Content

Each lesson is available below, click on the link and progress through all 30 lessons to complete the course

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