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Futuwwa – The Way of Spiritual Chivalry


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Futuwwa is to prefer others over one’s self. Futuwwa is for one to always work for the sake of others; it is also said that it is that one never sees one’s self as holding any favor over another, nor possessing any rights upon another.

Ja’far al-Sadiq was once asked, “What is Futuwwa?” He replied: “Futuwwah is not possible with quarreling and backbiting. Futuwwah is feeding people, giving to them, being pleasant and honorable to them, and not causing them diffculties.”

Going through the Futuwwa text book An Abridgement of THE WAY OF SPIRITUAL CHIVALRY by Abu ‘Abd al-Rahman ibn al-Husayn al-Sulami.

Course Text: The Way of Sufi Chivlary

A highly respected Sufi saint and scholar of the 10th century, Ibn al-Husayn al-Sulami compiled this book as a guide to enlightened behavior for the spiritual aspirant. In its pages, he records the teachings of renowned spiritual masters (available for the first time in English translation) as well as tales and quotations from the Koran and Hadith. The teachings reveal the true meaning of compassion, love, friendship, generosity, and hospitality, as well as the right actions associated with these virtues. According to the Sufis, Futuwwah is a code of honorable behavior that follows the example of the prophets, saints, and sages. By adhering to its precepts, the student learns detachment from the ego. The Way of Sufi Chivalry addresses the reader directly, providing the aspirant of today with living guidance on the path of perfection and the way of Sufism.

Shaykh Talal Al Azim

Dr Talal Al-Azem is lecturer in Islam, and is the Mohammed Noah Fellow of the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies, where he also serves as Fellow Librarian. He obtained his BA in history and Near Eastern studies from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and his MSt and DPhil from the University of Oxford, Faculty of Oriental Studies in 2011. He was lecturer in Islamic history at the Faculty of Oriental Studies frp, 2011–14, was awarded a Junior Research Fellowship at Pembroke College, Oxford in 2012, and was a research officer on the ERC-funded IMPAcT (Islamic philosophy and theology) project from 2014-15. His research focuses on social and intellectual history of the Muslim world, with particular attention to institutions of law and learning in the medieval and early modern Near East. 

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