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SeekingHim – Jordon

Historical Destinations | Rightious Companionship | Spiritual Nourishment

Seeking Him – Journeys

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Habib Ali Abu Bakr will be exploring some of the meanings of the classical poem, ‘Our Way’ of the great scholar Sidi Muhammad Rawas [d.1870/1287] whilst Shaykh Muhammad al-Khamis will be igniting the love of the messenger of Allah through the work, ‘The beginning of the quest for the high esteem of the Messenger’ by Imam Izz Abd-Salam.


Ali Abu Bakr

Shaykh Muhammed

Whats included

Museum of the ProphetAmman          
Karak (Battle of Mutah)Amman
Visitations of the Prophets of Allah: Shu’ayb, Yusha, Ayyoub, Huzair, Daniyal, The companion Maysarah bin Masrouq Al-‘AbssiAs-Salt
Visit to Mount NeboMount Nebo
Visit to Petra (Shrine of Prophet Haroon) & Uyun Musa (Moses’ Springs)Petra
Visit to the People of the CaveAmman
Visit to Abdul-Rahman bin Awf Al-ZuhriAmman
Visit to Dead SeaDead Sea
Visit to the Blessed TreeAmman
Visit to Jordon Valley to visit the SahabahIrbid

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Harir Palace Hotel

Located in the heart of Amman, Harir Palace Hotel is a 4-star contemporary dry hotel, established in 2017. The hotel is 30 kilometers away from Queen Alia Airport in Amman, in Al Wifaq Street – Dahiet Al-Rasheed.

Dates & Location


Harir Palace Hotel : Al-Wifak St., Amman, Jordan


ARRIVAL: Monday 27th May 2024
DEPARTURE: Sunday 2nd June 2024


Payment & Registration

Register here, select your payment based on the room required, please note each adult or child will need a seperate booking.
Registeration wil close on the 27th of February 2024.

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