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17th Ramadan – Night of Badr

Truth & Falsehood

Summary of Event

The greatest Battle in the lifetime of the Messenger of Allah. Where truth was distinguished from falsehood and the great military superpower of Quraysh were overcome by the blessed companions, may Allah be pleased with them all.

Be part of this amazing programme – a ancient tradition of the people of Hadramowt where they would gather and read the names of the blessed souls that partook in that great victory. It is said that dua is accepted in such gatherings

Event Teachers

Abu Darda reported: The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “The scholars are the successors of the prophets. Verily, the prophets do not pass on gold and silver coins, but rather they only impart knowledge.” Source: Musnad al-Bazzār 10/68

Hubaba Khadija Umar
(Daughters of Habib Umar bin Hafiz)

Hubaba Khadija is the blessed eldest child of Habib Umar and is involved in much local Dawah in
Tarim and Inat

Hubaba Ayesha Umar
(Daughters of Habib Umar bin Hafiz)

Hubaba Ayesha is the blessed daughter of Habib Umar. She overlooks Dar az Zahra as well as many dawah activities in Tarim and Seyoun

Ustada Muniba Ahmad
(Headteacher of Dar az Zahra, Tarim)

Ustadha Muniba is originally from Canada and has had the honour to serve in Dar az Zahra where she overlooks its day to day running


A sisters only event, online via zoom. Upon registration you will recieve an email with the zoom links. Register now at the top of the page.

Date / Time


Wednesday 27th March 2024

Guidelines for Event Participation:

  1. There will be no course recordings available, hence participation is restricted to live sessions only.
  2. Recording of classes is strictly prohibited.
  3. Please ensure a setting devoid of male presence to maintain the privacy of the teacher’s voice.
  4. The Zoom link will be provided upon registration, and it is imperative that this link is not shared with anyone else under any circumstances.
  5. When joining the Zoom call, kindly use your registered name; failure to do so may result in removal from the class.
  6. All participants are required to keep their videos off and their audio muted.
  7. Questions should be messaged into the chat, and they will be addressed at the conclusion of the session.
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