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‘Marvels of the Heart’ and ‘Taming the Ego’

Module Description

We intend to cover the first two books from the third quarter in the first module, namely ‘Marvels of the Heart’ and ‘Taming the Ego.’  As understood from two manuscripts, this course is a study of a summary by Imam al-Ghazali of his magnum opus,  Ihyā’ ‘ulum al-din ‘Revival of the Religious Sciences’, entitled. Lubāb al-Ihyā’ – ‘The Core of the Ihyā’.’  

Arguably, the most authored genre among Muslim scholars from the earliest generations to the present is that of the Purification of the Heart. This shouldn’t surprise us when we consider the two main corpora of Islam, namely the Quran and the Sunnah, frequently call upon believers to be vigilant towards the condition of their spiritual heart, for when orientated correctly, it is the locus where Divine realisations and understandings of the higher orders of existence present themselves. Upon the heart’s rectification reside both worldly and eternal success. Being genuinely attentive to this goal requires learning the Quranic and Prophetic framework and the suggested strategies by the erudite scholars of this Ummah. Actingupon this knowledge entails the heart’s receptivity to know reality as willed and designed by the One and Almighty. 

This first purification series is divided into three modules, each comprising ten weeks. In his summary, Imam al-Ghazali observes the same book and quarterly order as in his original work, with Purification as the focus of this course. We will go through the last two-quarters of his summary, ‘Lubāb al-Ihyā’ – The Core of the Ihyā.’ ‘ because they are dedicated to unpacking key terms and providing important definitions, allowing for what follows, as in advised methods and approaches, to replace our particular destructive qualities with salvific ones is undertaken with a willingness and a hope to attain a sound heart.

Module Outline

Please find below detailed plan for each lesson, the Topic and a description of what will be covered in this lesson.

Week 1Introduction and the disciplin’s context within disciplines
Week 2Significant terms explained
Week 3Significant terms explained and the heart’s role
Week 4The faculty of sight both physical and spiritual
Week 5The heart’s varying and types of thoughts
Week 6The heart’s varying and types of thoughts
Week 7Integrals of noble character
Week 8Recognising the soul’s defect
Week 9Nuturing children
Week 10Nuturing children

al-Ghazali, Abu Hamid Muhammad ibn Muhammad. lhya’ ‘ulum ai-din. Ten vols. Edited by lajnahtu Ilmiya Dar al-Minhaj Jeddah, Dar al-Minhaj (2011)
al-Ghazali, Abu Hamid Muhammad ibn Muhammad. Lubāb al-lhya’.  Edited by Mahmud Bayrutī, Dar al-Bayrūti (2021)
Ahmad, Salih al-Shāmi. al-Muhadhab min lhya’ ‘ulum ai-din.  2 vols, Damascus, Dar al-Qalam (2018)

(Imam) Ghazali is Muhammad ibn Muhammad ibn Muhammad ibn Ahmad, Abu Hamid Hujjat ai-Islam al-Ghazali al-Tusi

(Imam) Ghazali is Muhammad ibn Muhammad ibn Muhammad ibn Ahmad, Abu Hamid Hujjat ai-Islam al-Ghazali al-Tusi, the Shafi’i Imam, Proof of Islam, and Sufi adept born in Tabiran, near Tus Gust north of present-day Mashhad, Iran), in 450/1058. The Imam of his time, nicknamed Shafi’i the Second for his legal virtuosity, he was a brilliant intellectual who first studied jurisprudence at Tus and then travelled the Islamic world to Baghdad, Damascus, Jerusalem, Cairo, Alexandria, Mecca, and Medina, taking Sacred Knowledge from its masters, among them the Imam of the Two Sanctuaries Juwayni, with whom he studied until the Imam’s death, becoming at his hands a scholar in Shafi’i law, logic, tenets of faith, debate, and in the rationalistic doctrines of the philosophical schools of his time, which he was later called upon to refute. When Juwayni died, Ghazali debated the Imams and scholars of Baghdad in the presence of the vizier Nizam al-Mulk, who was so impressed that he appointed him to a teaching post at the Nizamiyya Academy in Baghdad, where word of his’ brilliance spread and scholars journeyed to hear him. ...Read More

Shaykh Thaqib Mahmood

Shaykh Thaqib has travelled to numerous places over the last 10 years in pursuit of sacred knowledge. This began at several deen intensives with Shaykh Hamza Yusuf from whom the impetus to his seeking sacred knowledge belongs. After travelling to Morocco he went to Hadramawt to the village of Tarim where he sat at the feet of the spiritual Masters and jurists including Habib Umar bin Hafiz.

He travelled to Damascus a number of times and studied under Shaykh Muhammad Darwish, Shaykh Abdul Wahaab Shaykh Muhammad al Yaqoubi, Shaykh Adnan al Majd, Shaykh Maree al Rashid and Shaykh Khalil al Sabbagh. His travels also led him to Mauritania to study with Murabit al Hajj, to Liverpool to study with Shaykh Siraj Ud-Din and to Istanbul at the feet of the gnostic and friend of Allah, Shaykh Mahmud Effendi; and studied with Shaykh Ehsaan Hojah and Shaykh Muhammed Ameen Siraj.”

Shaykh Thaqib has been teaching on Sacred Study for 12 years and part of the Fountain teacher for now over 22 years.


Bury Park Community Centre, 161, 161b Dunstable Rd, Luton LU1 1BW.
Zoom: links will be provided via email


Starting – 7th October 2023 for 10 weeks
Saturday – 9.30am to 10.30pm

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