Fantasy Premier League Fundraiser

Dar Us Salamah – The Prophetic Hub

What is the Charity tournament for?

Dar Us Salamah – The Prophetic Building in Luton.

Our mission is to provide services to the community focusing on religious guidance. Developing and sustaining a plethora of educational and social initiatives that are necessary for the holistic development of the community. These services have been running over the course of 20 years. The Prophetic Hub will allow us to house them all under one roof, and to further grow them to provide these services to more members of our community.

Our Intentions and Vision

To take responsibility for the raising of the next generation in accordance with the prophetic way. Our Vision is to develop a blueprint for a sacred space which exemplifies the prophetic ways and allows you to grow towards getting closer to your Lord.

Imagine a sacred space that serves as a blueprint, embodying the virtues and teachings of the prophets. A place where you can embark on a transformative journey, drawing closer to your Lord and discovering your true potential.

How it works

“Take part in our Dar us Salamah fundraiser to raise much needed funds for our prophetic hub. All you need to do is create your fantasy football team and donate £10 to our fundraiser, you will then be emailed the code to join the Dar us Salamah league and compete with everyone else. You also have an opportunity to win prizes directly through Fantasy Premier League.

A great way to support our fundraiser and have some banter over the year!

Prizes for the winners

1st position prize: Will receive a bottle of DIOR OUD ELIXIR PRECIEUX. (rrp £295.00)
2nd position prize: Will receive full entry to Sacred Study Course 2024 (rrp £199.00)
3rd position prize: Will receive free entry into the Golden Arrow Archery Club. (rrp £150.00)

Make Payment here

Please make a payment of £10 to confirm your place on the competition, Registration closes 10th of August 2023. Once payment is made an email will be sent to you with the details to enter your team using our code. Please note this code is only to be used by you and not to be shared.

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