The charaterstics of the elite


Sifat al-Safwa (The charaterstics of the elite) by Ibn Jawzi gathers stories of the elite that have been authenticated through sound chains of transmissions. This book was developed to heal, soften and repair hearts. Ibn al-Jawzi arranged it within the following arrangement, mentioning a chapter in the chapter on the saints and the righteous, then supplemented it with the remembrance of our Prophet Muhammad, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, and explained his conditions, etiquette, and what is related to him, then he mentioned those who were famous among his companions for knowledge associated with asceticism and devotion, then after that on their classes in virtue, then He mentions the female companions chosen and then the followers. Then Ibn al-Jawzi roamed with his thought from east to west, and extracted everyone who is fit to be mentioned in this book from all parts, and he enumerated the people of each town in it and arranged them according to their classes, as he started with those whose names he knew from among the men, then he mentioned after that those whose names he did not know.

This will be a number of classes over a period of time to cover the text. Future session will be confirmed.


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