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Living for the next life

Shaykh Mu’min Al Annan

Summary of event

Join us for a transformative monthly session focused on exploring the profound connection between our present lives and the eternal journey beyond. This event is designed to help you cultivate mindfulness, inner peace, and spiritual awareness, providing practical tools and insights to live a more meaningful life today while preparing your soul for the next life.

The session will start prompt on 6.15pm (uk). It will be a in person event held at Bury Park Community Centre in Luton. Please find location details below.

Shaykh Mu’min Al Annan

Director of Lisan of Arabic Language
Advisor of Learning Arabic
Professor & Senior Researcher
Jury member of Academic Research Journals

  • Head of International Lisan Arabic program, Lisan – FSMUV, Istanbul, Türkiye 2023.
  • Professor in Islamic studies at Dawa University collage, Beirut, 2021.
  • Head of the department “Criteria of Learning Arabic Language”, Lisan of Arabic Language Org. 2018.
  • Academic Supervisor of Islamic Theology and leadership at Kista Folkhögskola, Stockholm, Sweden, 2017.
  • Head teacher of Arabic Language at Folkuniversitet Sweden, 2016
  • Lecturer in Arabic heritage at American university of Sharjah (AUS) 2012.
  • Lecturer & Head teacher of Arabic language at Fatih M. Sultan Vakf University, Istanbul, Türkiye 2011.


Bury Park Community Centre
Address: 161, 161b Dunstable Rd, Luton LU1 1BW

Date / Time

Saturday July 6th, 6.15pm (UK)

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