Fiqh of Menstruation Course

Course Synopsis

This course endeavours to provide women with the Islamic rulings pertaining to
menstruation. On completion, students will have a much better understanding of
this vital pillar of purification.

This course will cover the following topics:

– Prohibitions upon a woman in menstruation.
– Minimum and maximum menses.
– Caculating the menstrual habit.
– Calculating the purity period.
– Legal rulings related to irregularities.
– Rules and regulations related to postnatal bleeding.
– And much more.

Commencement Date & Time
Sunday 24th June | 7.15pm- 8.15pm
(14 week course).

Icknield Close, Hitchin

Ustadh Noorud-Deen

Course Fee

Sisters only.

To register call or text +447733481729.

Livestream option available for distance learning.

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