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Futuwwa – The Way of Spiritual Chivalry

Futuwwa is to prefer others over one's self. Futuwwa is for one to always work for the sake of others; it is also said that it is that one never sees one's self as holding any favor over another, nor possessing any rights upon another.

Text: The Way of spiritual chilvalry by Abu ‘Abd al-Rahman ibn al-Husayn al-Sulami.

Shaykh Talal Al-Azim

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Ghusal & Burial Course

When a loved one passes away we are often called upon to assist with the funeral rites. However without studying, how will we know if we are performing them correctly? What is the Sunnah method? What is best for the deceased? These and many other important questions will be answered during this short course Insh-Allah.

University of Luton, Room : A406

Session 1: 19th December 2021
Session 2: 9th January 2021

Shaykh Noorudeen Rashid

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Dear Beloved Son – Ayyuhal Walad

The key and guide to understanding the diseases of the heart, the tools for recognizing them, and a detailed map of cures along the way to purification. "For anyone truly seeking closeness to God -- the ones whose heart is impoverished -- the poor man"More details coming soon

Date: 1st January 2022

Shaykh Samir An Nass

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Sacred Study – Plus Course 21/22

27 week course covers wide range of subjects including, Quran, Hadith, & Purification. Delivered online and face to face at the University of Luton. Aimed for students over the age of 16 thats have completed our Essentials course.

Teachers: Shaykh Thaqib Mahmood

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Sacred Study – Essentials Course 21/22

27 week course covering basics of Islam including, Fiqh, Theology, Hadith & Purification. Online course with some in person sessions, all LIVE.

Teachers: Shaykh Thaqib Mahmood & Shaykh Noorudeen Rashid

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Free Course

Being mindful of God

In our final term, learn how to cultivate mindfulness of God in all matters of life. Starting 18th October 2021. A course built for the whole family. The purpose of this course is to help students learn how best to remain upon the wide expanse of God’s grace; and, when faced with new opportunities or challenges in life, to know how to practice the art of taqwa.

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Traditional Islamic Knowledge

Fountain Institute

 “At the fountain institute, we offer a contemporary yet traditional learning experience. That is sourced in Islam’s great heritage of knowledge. A heritage proven to have related to diverse segments of society be that Muslim or non Muslim. In  the challenge of sacred learning, the individual embarks on a journey to refine and develop their impetuous state  to  a spiritual focused, high-minded, principled one; a person committed to his self and societal benefit through the good they can offer.”

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“Not only been an incredible experience, but a backbone in my life. I am not a studious person but Sacred Study has been a foundation of much good for me in many more ways than just knowledge. I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Sacred Study Student

“Thank you for facilitating my weekly dose of much, much good which further extends to eternal goodness I hope InshaAllah. Thank you for facilitating for me a different way of thinking and approaching life, influenced by our beautiful, blessed teachers. ”

Asif Ali

“May He please your hearts a million times more for the pleasure you facilitated for my heart. May He increase and preserve your good works for the Ummah and accept them from you May forgive you, love you, protect you and have mercy on you eternally. I pray He gives you all the beautiful things in His dominion! May you be with Allah and His Messenger s, Ameen”

Sacred Study Plus Student

“A beautiful class with  teachers so full of knowledge yet humble… Each of them with their own unique method of teaching keeping everyone awake on a Saturday morning 🙂  All the subjects brilliant and necessary for us to learn about, enabling us to really understand our deen…. Jazakallah to Fountain Institute and all those who put time and effort in to providing us with these learning opportunities…Even after a busy week always look forward to Sacred Study.”

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The Institute would like to maintain their support for students of knowledge that cannot afford the fees, and God willing increase the capacity in this area. With your help we hope never to turn away those that cannot afford the fees for the Sacred Study course.


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We want to continue to provide free events and short courses throughout the year for the local community and surrounding areas. These events are put together by a team of volunteers and delivered by teachers with sound traditional knowledge.


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Over the years, the Institute has provided about £20,000 in financial assistance to scholars, and students of knowledge, who chose to further their studies. Your contributions will help us sustain these investments and increase our funding capacity.

“Give Charity without delay, for it stands in the way of calamity.” The Prophet Muhammed (SAW) – Tirmidhi