Prophetic Guidance – Shaykh Umar Husayn al-Khatib Ebook

This is a book describing the way of the beloved Prophet s with which I wish to remind myself and my Muslim brothers and sisters. It has been compiled with the intention of serving the Prophetic Sunnah and spreading the noble character of the Prophet Muḥammad s. It is hoped that this work will help Muslims to incorporate the Prophetic programme into their daily lives. They may then come to love following his path in every state and in so doing attain the love of Allah, which is promised in His saying:

Say (O Messenger of Allah): if you love Allah, then follow me and Allah will love you.

Full e-book can be found here: Prophetic Guidance

They may also attain the pleasure of Allah and the companionship of the Best of Creation s, who said: “A person is with the one he loves.” He who loves somebody naturally imitates them and follows their example.

This work has been compiled with reference to the books of the authoritative scholars, and everything mentioned is backed up by a ḥadīth of the Prophet s. Where this is not the case, narrations mentioning etiquettes or invocations have been mentioned with their authority.

I ask Allah out of His bounty and generosity that it be of benefit and that it be sincerely for His sake. Whoever finds a mistake in it then let him change it and inform me, as any shortcomings are my own. May Allah attach our hearts to the way of the Beloved s and make it sufficient for us, so that we do not follow any path other than his.

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