Tafseer of the Four Quls Course

This course will provide a brief exegesis of these oft-repeated Suras of the Holy Quran. Allah most high encourages us to reflect upon the Quran when we recite it, In sh Allah this course will facilitate the fulfilment of this Quranic imperative.

Some of the subjects the course will cover include:

– A study of Hadith related to each Surah.

– Explanation of meanings and related rulings.

– Implementation of the noble lessons derived from these chapters of the Quran.

– The circumstances of revelation (Asbab an Nuzul).

And much more.

Ustadh Noorud-deen Rashid

Date & Timing
Tuesday 10th July 7pm – 8pm.
(4 week course).

Newark Road , Luton.


Open to brothers and sisters.

To register call/text 07531553943.

Livestream option available for distance learning.

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