The Journey of the soul Course

This course will look at the journey of the human soul from the time it was created until it reaches its final destination, this journey will be studied as five distinct stages as explained by Imam Hadad in his celebrated book on this subject.

*Subjects to be covered include*

– The soul’s existence before this life (the day of the covenant).
– The life of this world (Dunya).
– What is the Barzakh (life of the grave)?
– The various stages on the day of judgement.
– The soul’s eternal existence in Paradise or Hellfire.
And much more.

Ustadh Noorud-deen Rashid

*Course Duration*:
16 week course.

*Start Date and Time*:
Tuesday 27th February | 7pm – 8pm.

Newark Road, Luton.


Brothers and sisters welcome

To register please call or text +447531553943 +447980837739

*Livestream option available for distance learning.*

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