A single mother 3

I have been facing huge financial struggles: debt after debt after debt, way beyond my capacity to pay it off. Court case-related expenses are the worst. I saw a post in one of the WhatsApp groups; I contacted Fountain Institute. I couldn’t actually register in the beginning, but somehow managed to eventually do it. The process was very, very quick, mashallah – minimum waiting time.

I didn’t expect to receive funds so quickly. Financial support from Fountain Institute allows me to pay off some debts, or I can use it to see my children. I can finally afford it.

Also, Ramadan parcels and warm food will make a difference, too. I’m actually really surprised my application, has been dealt with in such a short time. I can finally start paying off some debts.

It wouldn’t be possible without financial grants from Fountain Institute. Thank you so much for helping me during this painful time. May Allah reward you. Amen

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