Fiqh of Divorce Course

It is important for Muslims to have a thorough understanding of legal rulings related to any action they embark upon, it is not acceptable to rely on hearsay or partial information. Too many Muslims enter into marriage without having studied the sacred law rulings related to it and thus do themselves and their spouse an injustice. This course will investigate the legal rulings related to divorce in order to help students fulfil their obligation.

Course subjects include:

– Permitted and prohibited forms of divorce.
– The correct procedure when divorcing.
– Misconceptions regarding divorce.
– Reconciliation after divorce.
– What is Khula’h.
– Child custody in Islam.
– Understand the obligation of Iddah (post marital waiting period).
And much more.

Ustadh Noorud-deen Rashid

Commencement Date & Time
20th October  |Every Friday| 6.30 pm- 7.30pm
(10 week course).

St Lawrence Avenue | Luton

Course Fee

Sisters only

To register please contact 07455333522


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