Receiving Divine Mercy

As Ramadan approaches, Sayyidi Habib `Umar bin Hafiz (may Allah protect him and benefit us by him), talks about ways to  receive divine mercy.

All praise belongs to Allah Whose mercy manifests itself in this world to bring close those who were distant and to allow those who were disobedient to repent. They thus attain more gifts than they could imagine. Allah’s mercy continues to seek out those who are ready to receive it: the mercy of Allah is close to the people of excellence.[1]

If you intend a blessed gathering with the best intention, Allah’s mercy will envelope you. If you truly focus on Allah and perfect one unit of prayer or one prostration you will attain Allah’s mercy. This is why the Prophet ﷺ said: “When one of you stands to pray, Allah turns His countenance to him.” Then the angels rush to face the mouth of the person praying. They wish to face his mouth when he recites the Qur’an and remembers Allah. For this reason we have been instructed to use the siwak before prayer and not to leave any pieces of food between our teeth because the angels dislike this. The angels approach that person because Allah has turned to him. He thus attains mercy by standing in front of his Lord.

Likewise anyone who excels in honouring his parents, his relatives or his neighbours or in giving charity to someone in need or in reciting the Qur’an will receive Allah’s mercy. Allah says: When the Qur’an is recited listen to it and pay heed perhaps that you may be shown mercy.[2]

If someone receives Allah’s general mercy he will be safe from punishment: He admits to His mercy whoever He wishes.[3] If someone receives Allah’s special mercy he will continue to be elevated: Allah singles out whoever He wishes to receive His mercy and Allah is the possessor of immense bounty.[4]

Allah, the Most Compassionate made us members of the Ummah of His Beloved ﷺ and gave us the Qur’an, which is still preserved in our time and is still easy for us to recite. The Qur’an will only remain with us as long as the people whose hearts and souls contain its secrets remain with us. When they depart, Allah will remove His Book. There will come a night in which Allah will remove it and people will wake up and not a single verse will remain, either written down or preserved in people’s hearts. This is one of the greatest signs of the Last Hour. A wind will then blow which will carry away the soul of anyone who has even an atom’s weight of faith. All goodness on the earth will be removed and only the worst of people will remain. There will be three generations of disbelievers and there will not be even one person who says: ‘Allah.’ Then the appointed time will come. We seek refuge in Allah from that time. As long as we still possess the Qur’an, Allah’s mercy is still extended to us.

May Allah give us the best connection to the Qur’an and allow us to reflect upon it. When Ramadan comes let us be in the best state with regard to the Qur’an. May the secrets contained in it be unveiled to us. May we taste the sweetness of conversing with Allah and receiving gifts from Him so every prayer is a pleasure, whether it be fard, nafl, tarawih, witr or duha. May our previous sins be forgiven by fasting the days and praying at night in Ramadan and may we receive gifts beyond that. In every day and night in Ramadan there are gifts to receive. May Allah lengthen our lives so that we reach Ramadan.


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