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Nuturing Iman

At Fountain Institute, the core aim is to nurture Muslims towards becoming realised servants of Allah. The Sacred Study programme reconnects individuals with the unbroken scholarly tradition of Islam and its holistic expression, which historically has guided individuals to live enabled lives in a meaningful and purposeful way by seeking to please their Creator and Sustainer.

This learning process emphasises the importance of the metaphysical and spiritual truths that inform Islam’s well-known practices. Reconnecting through learning facilitates realisations in one’s faith. Making choices based on knowledge refines the soul and draws one closer to Allah and His messenger. Hence, the leitmotif, Knowledge – Practice – Realisation, underscores the intention and thought behind the various educational programmes offered by Fountain Institute.

With various options for registration, we still have our full year course registration availabe. This will allow you to study all the subjects at a much reduced price. Select the specific year for more information with options to register.

What do Sacred Study’s courses and modules structure mean for you?

Only have time for single modules yet want to study a subject thoroughly? Or previously studied only a part of a subject and always wanted to complete it. Sacred Study’s programme allows students to complete subjects or take independent modules. 

How should Modules be viewed?

The modules serve to act in two ways. 

1. It allows learners to study a complete area of a given course. In this way, the modules function as short courses that enable learners to choose areas of interest.

2. Equally, the modules are part of a course. This means by studying all the modules under a given course, a learner covers the whole subject and not only a specific area.

What do we mean  by the term ‘traditional’? 

Karim Lahham (2021). The Anatomy of Knowledge and The Ontological Necessity of First Principles. Tabah.‌

‘The term ‘tradition’ (and ‘traditional) is used throughout this paper not as a mere term of historiography, and thus of diachronic or even synchronic significance alone. It is admitted that tradition is a clumsy word, much abused, and over-prescriptive in the historical and even Roman Catholic context. By its use, nevertheless, ...Read More

Meet Our Teachers

Abu Darda reported: The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “The scholars are the successors of the prophets. Verily, the prophets do not pass on gold and silver coins, but rather they only impart knowledge.” Source: Musnad al-Bazzār 10/68

Tariq Mahmood Siddiqi

Thaqib Mahmood

Ammar Faiz


Bury Park Community Centre, 161, 161b Dunstable Rd, Luton LU1 1BW.
Zoom: links will be provided via email


Starting – 7th January 2023 for 30 weeks
Saturday – 9.30am to 12.30pm

Sacred Study Videos


Abu Huraira reported: The Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “Whoever does not thank people has not thanked Allah.” Source: Sunan Abī Dāwūd 4811

“Not only been an incredible experience, but a backbone in my life. I am not a studious person but Sacred Study has been a foundation of much good for me in many more ways than just knowledge. I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart.”​

Sacred Study Student

“Thank you for facilitating my weekly dose of much, much good which further extends to eternal goodness I hope InshaAllah. Thank you for facilitating for me a different way of thinking and approaching life, influenced by our beautiful, blessed teachers. “​

Sacred Study Student

“May He please your hearts a million times more for the pleasure you facilitated for my heart. May He increase and preserve your good works for the Ummah and accept them from you .”

Sacred Study Student

“May forgive you, love you, protect you and have mercy on you eternally. I pray He gives you all the beautiful things in His dominion! May you be with Allah and His Messenger s, Ameen.”​

Sacred Study Student

“This is my first year of Sacred Study and Alhamdulilah I have to say that I absolutely love it! Our wonderful teachers are a blessing. The way they teach and how they talk to students, you enjoy the classes and learn from them as much as possible.  I look forward to Sacred Study every week! Everyone is so welcoming and kind Alhamdulilah. “​

Sacred Study Student

“May He please your hearts a million times more for the pleasure you facilitated for my heart. May He increase and preserve your good works for the Ummah and accept them from you .”

Sacred Study Student

“A beautiful class with  teachers so full of knowledge yet humble… Each of them with their own unique method of teaching keeping everyone awake on a Saturday morning 🙂  All the subjects brilliant and necessary for us to learn about, enabling us to really understand our deen…. Jazakallah to Fountain Institute and all those who put time and effort in to providing us with these learning opportunities…Even after a busy week always look forward to Sacred Study.”​

Sacred Study Student

“Allhamdhulillah, the Sacred Study course is doing so well. My words wouldn’t do justice to the teachers, so I will stop here and just say that I am absolutely blessed to be in the presence of such teachers and to be able to learn sacred knowledge directly from them. May Allah increase this course in numbers and strength. Ameen.”​

Sacred Study Student

“I just wanted to say jazaakumullahu Khairun for your continued commitment to providing the Sacred course year on year, and persevering in your goals to lift and navigate our community towards God. May Allah (swt) be well pleased with you all and grant you abundant khair in this world and the next, aameen.”

Sacred Study Student

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